Optimizing creative content productions for e-commerce

We have over ten years of experience in leading digital content productions for global fashion brands and creative agencies. We help e-commerce organizations improve their workflows by streamlining the way creative work is produced.

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Process Establish and streamline creative processes

  • Survey and analyze current production processes
  • Strategic advice for future developments
  • Improve the turnaround time of projects
  • Secure creative quality of output
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Team Optimize each team and area of responsibility

  • Analyze and evaluate organizational structures
  • Set efficient and straight-forward workflows
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Communication management for growing teams in organizations looking to scale up
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Digitalization Introduce technical solutions for increased measurability

  • Procure the best Digital Asset Management solution for your needs
  • Introduce tools and software to support production workflows
  • Measure and analyze KPIs per image and project
  • Client Dashboard that provides valuable metrics and insights

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Helena Hagströmer

Senior experience of building sustainable image productions and creative teams for established global fashion brands and startups in London and Stockholm. Strategic advisor in the expansion of existing activities in digital production and organization. Expert in implementing cross-functional collaborations and workflows in the digital business area.

Michelle Macksey

Background in large-scale digital image production for creative agencies and global fashion brands. Consultant in setting creative workflows of in-house content production at fashion start-up in Stockholm. Experience of change management in streamlining creative workflows. Specialist at scaling up digital productions and identifying development opportunities in the creative process.